Beach Rules

You can download a copy of the Beach Rules here to post them for your guests or renters.

Emergency Signals

The lifeguards will use whistles in certain emergency situations.  Please comply promptly with their request.


This has been necessary in the past when a small child is reported missing to the guards.  The water needs to be immediately cleared so the water and beach area can be searched for the child.

Beach Rules

  1. The beach is intended for use by SBIA members and their guests only.
  2. Guards will be assigned from June 23 until August 26, or as posted. Daily coverage is from 9:30am until 5:00pm.
  3. No dogs are allowed on the beach at any time of day per Town of Falmouth by-law.
  4. No alcoholic beverages or glass containers are allowed on the beach.
  5. No picnics or coolers allowed on the beach. Picnicking and lunches are allowed on the wall or on picnic tables near beach entrances.
  6. Remove all trash you from the beach and place in trash barrels at beach entrances. Place dirty diapers / swim diapers inside sealed plastic bags.
  7. Keep off the jetties.
  8. No inflatable rafts or toys are allowed in the swim area. THIS INCLUDES PADDLE BOARDS.
  9. Please launch paddle boards adjacent to the fishing jetty.
  10. Umbrellas, large tents, etc. are not allowed on the beach. They block the guards’ view of the water, causing a safety risk.
  11. No pushing on the raft. No swimming under the raft. No use of floats to reach the raft.
    * People not complying with raft rules may be banned from the raft.
    * The raft may be closed for safety, if deemed necessary.
  12. No smoking allowed on the beach.
  13. Keep a clear access to the beach for emergencies and for people to safely access the beach. Keep all bikes, strollers and wagons clear of the right of way.
  14. Do not block the entrances to the neighbors’ driveways near the beach. .
    * The town is posting new parking signs near beach entrances.  Please adhere to their parking rules.


The following rules have been agreed upon by the SBIA and ownership of the Moses Rd. Beach Association

  1. The Beach Rules of the SBIA shall apply including use of coolers and alcohol.
  2. Members of the Association and their guests may use the beaches but if asked by one of the owners of the property to give them space, SBIA members and their guests shall comply.
  3. No parking of vehicles on the property.
  4. Please respect the owners of the property and their wishes.


The following rules have been agreed upon by the SBIA and the Mavrides Family Irrevocable Trust who own the beach adjacent to the parking lot/playground (near the harbor).

  1. Beach Rules similar to those of the SBIA shall apply including the use of coolers and alcohol.
  2. Members of the Association and their guests using the beach shall comply if asked by one of the owners to give them space.
  3. No storing of dinghies or small boats on the beach. All kayaks must be placed on the racks or taken home.
  4. Dinghies may be stored at the public Grove Street beach.
  5. No one is allowed on the stone seawall or boulders along the property for any reason. There is no access to the front beach along or through the property of the Mavrides Family Trust.

Thank you for being good neighbors and following these rules!