2017 Summer Lifeguards

by Liz Cardiasmenos

We have hired six lifeguards for this summer. We are excited to have three guards from last year coming back: Sophie Barrow (Head Guard), Olivia Pappas and Meghan Fahy. Welcome to our three new guards: Lily Delaney, Carolyn Hanson and Will Hanson.  The guards will start on Saturday, June 24.  We would like to thank Jack, Tate and Ellie for their past service; they will be missed.

Liz Cardiasmenos (Beach Committee Chair) and Sophie are developing a swim lesson planner, which includes a curriculum progressing swimmers through each level.  This will be a great asset we will leverage for many years. Swimming lessons will start 10:00 am each morning (Mon-Fri) with our littlest swimmers (ages 1 and up) and run every half hour. Members can sign up for lessons opening weekend.  See the guards.