Letter from the President

April 2017

Dear SBIA Member,

Throughout the off season the Board has been busy planning for the upcoming summer.  As the temperature begins to warm we thought it a good time to share with you news and updates for summer, 2017.  Enclosed you will find the following:

  • Messages from the Beach, Membership and Activities Chairs;
  • Boat rack program details;
  • Membership and Volunteer signup forms;
  • Beach rules reminder;
  • Minutes from the Winter Board Meeting, and;
  • 2017 calendar of activities.

First, I would like to update you on a few topics that are top-of-mind for members.

Harbor Dredging
Dredging of Wild Harbor was delayed by the Town, following the completion of a nourishment survey that verified the need to remove more sand than previously planned. An updated permit is required; approval is in progress.  Thanks to the effort of Dennis O’Connell, the Town received permission from abutters to the town-owned beach parcel to store removed sand on their property. January 15 was the cutoff for dredging, until next fall.  Dennis will continue representing our interests to the Town.

Boat Rack
The boat/kayak rack has been a popular topic for members. Therefore, we have defined a program — to be rolled out this season – to regain control of the rack and ensure equitable member usage.  See enclosed flyer for program details.  Thanks to Tom Malloy for spearheading the effort.

Club House
Last summer membership approved the Board to explore the feasibility of a clubhouse built on our tennis/basketball court property.  At our May member meeting we will share the findings, gauge interest and discuss next steps.

Dues – the Board voted not to increase dues for any of our membership types.
Board vacancy – we are currently short one Board member coming into the season: Vice President.  This is a critical role, helping steward many of the initiatives that benefit the membership. If you would like to learn about the role please contact me.
Traffic sign – the Town installed a 4-way Stop sign at the intersection of Silver Beach Ave and Arlington St.  Thank you to Ellen Affanato and Bill Dynan for working with the Traffic Commission to get this approved and completed.
SBIA Store – look forward to new SBIA merchandise to be available this summer, as well as your favorites.  Some new items we are exploring include: beach bags, beach towels, sun protective swim shirts, and more.  Julie Rotondo will again lead our great team of store volunteers.  Please email me with any ideas you have.

If you have questions please reach out to me at newsilverbeach@gmail.com.  We always appreciate your thoughts and feedback!  The Board is excited about the summer ahead and look forward to seeing you at New Silver Beach.


David O’Keefe