Letter from the President

May 2018

Dear SBIA Member,

Throughout the offseason, the Board has been busy planning for the upcoming summer.  As the temperature begins to warm we thought it a good time to share with you news and updates for summer, 2018.  Enclosed you will find the following:

  • Messages from the Beach, Membership and Activities Chairs;
  • Boat rack program details;
  • Membership and Volunteer signup forms;
  • Beach rules reminder, and;
  • 2018 calendar of activities.

First, I would like to update you on a few topics that are top-of-mind for members.

Courts’ Restoration Project
The courts’restoration project is underway and progressing according to plan.  We are excited that we will have a wonderful new facility this summer to host our many events.  And it will elevate our tennis and pickleball programs and provide a safe and fun space for our kids to play basketball.  The construction process is quite interesting; check it out if you are in the area but, for your safety, please don’t enter the construction area.

Harbor Dredging
Dredging of Wild Harbor was completed by the Town, last fall.  The sand placed on the beach (from Ocean View Ave to the “fishing jetty”) has improved that area.  Though we are aware that it contains debris.  We have contacted the Town to see if they can help clean the area.  Thanks again to Dennis O’Connell for his doggedness!

Head LifeGuard Wanted
We are seeking a seasoned lifeguard to fill the role of Head Lifeguard.  If you know of a qualified candidate please pass on their name, or they can email us directly at newsilverbeach@gmail.com.  (We are excited three guards from last summer are returning.)

Dues – The minimal increase you see in dues reflects the association vote to help fund the courts project.  Thank you for your support!
Board vacancy – again we are short one Board member coming into the season: Vice President.  This is a critical role, helping steward many of the initiatives that benefit the membership. If you would like to learn about the role please contact me.
SBIA Store – look forward to new SBIA merchandise this summer, as well as many of your favorites.  Some new items we are exploring include Tervis tumblers, beach towels and more.  Julie Rotondo will again lead our great team of store volunteers.

If you have questions, please reach out to me at newsilverbeach@gmail.com.  We always appreciate your thoughts and feedback!  The Board is excited about the summer ahead and looks forward to seeing you at New Silver Beach.


David O’Keefe

P.S. Minutes from the Winter Board Meeting can be found here…